Vote leave for a richer UK says Richard Carr

Press Release:

Poole-based businessman and property developer Richard Carr believes the United Kingdom will become a richer nation if it leaves the European Union on the 23rd June.

Richard Carr has been in business for three decades, during which he built a public limited company and enjoyed success in the nightlife and property development industries.

He believes the UK will be a stronger nation if the country decides to leave the European Union later this month.

“Once the shock of leaving the EU is digested it’s highly likely that the pound will rally,” he said. “As an isolated nation we won’t be affected by the redistribution of wealth that is likely to happen in the European Union.

“It’s expected to cost a significant amount of money for the larger countries such as Germany, France and the UK if we decide to remain.”

Leaving the EU would be a historic moment for the country and time would be given to allow the UK to adjust to the change.

“There is a two year period to allow the country to orchestrate its removal from the EU,” explained Richard. “During that two year period we will also be removed from any of the problems that are coming down the tracks from Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland. Those problems are extremely significantly and would have a huge cost implication to the citizens of the UK.

“We won’t be burdened with the task of rescuing those countries in debt if we decide to leave the union and I believe that the UK can become the Singapore/Hong Kong of northern Europe. I believe the pound will become much stronger if we become an isolated nation.

“If we were to stay in the EU the UK could be levied with some of the debt, meaning that taxes could increase for the general public.”

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