Use brownfield sites to regenerate the housing market

Reacting to the recent news that ministers have vowed not to transfer forests to housing bodies, Richard Carr believes that the focus should be on redeveloping brownfield sites to help stimulate the housing market.

Utilise unoccupied Brownfield sites

Richard Carr began working in property back in the early 1980s as the CEO of his own property company. He now operates as a Commercial and Residential Development Consultant for Jacob Carr Homes Ltd. His expertise lie in achieving planning permission for his employer and high net-worth clients.

Richard Carr Brownfield sites

The industry should focus on redeveloping brownfield sites according to Richard Carr

Richard has previously commented on a similar issue to the one that has arisen regarding the transfer of forests, when he wrote about the use of ‘Green Belt’ land to help ease the country’s housing crisis.

He believes the solution is the same. The focus should be on redeveloping unused brown field sites into commercial and residential spaces.

150,000 sign petition

The issue of using forest land for housing first arose in 2011 when controversial plans to sell 258,000 hectares of state-owned woodland in England were abandoned by the government in 2011.

However, amid more recent concerns about the shortage of new houses, campaigners are concerned that the Infrastructure Bill could be used to off-load forest land despite assurances from ministers.

In total, 150,000 came forward and signed a petition calling on ministers to rule out the move in the bill. There efforts were rewarded earlier this month when Local Government minister Lord Ahmad made a commitment to rule out a move.

Lord Ahmad said he would bring forward his own amendment to the bill to make it clear that no publicly-owned forests would be transferred to the body.

Leave Green Land alone

Richard Carr is concerned by the country’s housing crisis, which is causing problems for homeowners, home buyers, developers, construction firms and development consultants like Richard.

Richard operates in the Dorset area of Poole and based on evidence in the area, he believes that people should focus on redeveloping brownfield sites.

He believes that doing so would regenerate communities and help the local economy. It would help boost the construction and development industry, whilst at the same time easing the competitiveness of the housing market.


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