USA sets example on developing brownfield sites

Richard Carr has stressed in a number of his blogs the need for the UK to focus on developing brownfield sites for commercial and residential use, something that the USA has taken the lead on.

Commercial Development Company purchases 58-Acre brownfield site

Following calls for areas of the ‘Green Belt’ to be opened up to developers, Richard Carr has strongly voiced his opinion that the focus should be on regenerating brownfield sites.

Richard Carr Brownfield Site

The USA has a vast amount of brownfield sites

As a commercial and residential development consultant, Richard has knowledge and experience of the industry and believes it would be benefit the economy more if brownfield sites were redeveloped.

In a recent blog, Richard cited examples of redeveloped brownfield sites in the UK, but it is our American friends who are using this avenue to better effect.

The benefits to cleaning up brownfield sites

Last month, a North American commercial estate acquired a 58-acre, environmentally distressed waterfront industrial site in Savannah, Georgia.

For several decades the property was a wood treatment facility before its close in 2007. The existing structures on the site will be demolished to clear the way for a new port-related redevelopment that will put the blighted site back into productive use.

The clean-up and redevelopment of brownfield sites can boost the economy, raise property values and stimulate job growth.

It can also be cheaper than acquiring new land elsewhere, as an example in America suggests. The Papa John’s Stadium in Louisville was built on a former 92-acre railroad repair yard contaminated with chemicals and petroleum.

The initial estimate put the clean-up at $40 million, however the final remediation cost just under $7 million.

Time to take America’s lead

Richard Carr said that this is exactly what he has been advocating for the UK, we do not need to attack the ‘Green Belt’. We need to go higher and be much bolder in our approach.

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