The government is getting it right as stats prove UK plc is booming again

It has taken a lot of time and the country has had to be patient, but UK citizens are now better off than when the Coalition government came to power five years ago, reports Richard Carr.

A growing Economy

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Under the Conservatives the UK’s economy has grown

According to the Office for National statistics, Britain is enjoying its strongest growth since 2006. Families are now better off than when the Conservatives and Lim Dems first came to power. The official figures also show that consumers are more confident than they have been for more than 12 years.

Richard Carr believes that a change in government in the coming general election could send the country spiralling back to square one. He feels that the timing of these statistics, just days after the election campaigns began, couldn’t be better.

They highlight that the country, under the Coalition government, is out-performing all other leading economies including the United States, Japan, Canada, Germany and France.

Worst slump since 1930s

Under the Labour government the country suffered its worst economic slump since the 1930s, but the points below show the UK has dragged itself up and is now once again one of the world’s leading powers:

  • Business investment jumped 7.5%
  • Demand for mortgages rose to highest level, starting a price war among lenders
  • Disposable incomes per head were 1.9% higher than the year previous in 2014
  • The total size of the economy rose by 2.8%, the highest since 2006

Chancellor George Osborne said: “With 37 days to go until the election, it’s another sign that changing course would put recovery at risk. Voters now face a stark choice: do we stick with a plan which is working, delivering growth and jobs, or do we put all that at risk with Ed Miliband whose policies of more spending, more borrowing and higher taxes will lead to economic chaos?”

Richard Carr asks simply, why would anyone want to go back to that?

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