Thank god for no Mansion Tax!

There’s now over half a million Brits thankful that Labour’s Mansion Tax policy never saw the light of day, writes Richard Carr.

Mansion Tax

Richard Carr  Kensington Palace Gardens

Residents of Kensington Palace will be grateful the Mansion Tax policy never become a reality

It’s now a distant memory, but in the lead up to this year’s general election Mansion Tax was one of the most widely talked about policies. Labour proposed to heavily tax properties worth over £2m to help fund the NHS.

Unsurprisingly this caused a lot of panic and for a number of months the property market stalled, however since the Conservatives’ victory the market has only prospered and now more than half a million British properties are worth over £1m.

According to Zoopla, who collated the data, it’s the first time ever that the figure has reached over half a million.

London thriving

In the last 12 months there has been an 8.3% increase in the number of ‘property millionaires’ with 10,958 streets in the UK having an average property value of above £1million.

Expectedly, the majority of these streets can be found in London (some 43%). Zoopla’s research revealed that there are 13 streets in Britain where the average house price is over £10 million, all of which are in London.

Britain’s most expensive street is in London, W8, Kensington Palace Gardens with homes worth on average £42,591,972. Ridiculously, that figure is 150 times the average national property value.

The recent increases are only likely to continue as investors flood back to the market following the general election victory.

“London continues to be the epicentre of the million pound property market in Britain but there are a number of high value property areas outside the capital, particularly in Surrey and Buckinghamshire, that are very attractive to professionals seeking to live outside yet within easy reach of the city and enjoy low crime rates coupled with good schools,” said Lawrence Hall of Zoopla.


Richard Carr is thankful that the country didn’t end up with Ed (Miliband) and Balls (Ed) and that we now have a stable and what seems to be a good progressive government.

However, in his opinion and judging by the budget a left leaning one, or is this just finally killing off ‘new Labour’ for good.

He believes that David (Cameron) and George (Osborne) have a plan and that is to incinerate Labour by taking the low paid out of tax all together and giving the masses a lot more. Something Labour have allegedly being doing for 100 years without much success, except for creating Multi-Millionaire leaders Brown (Gordon) and Blair (Tony) thus removing the Labour electorate.

In Richard’s opinion he says that if you dissect Labour, it’s the party of envy and greed. It’ the party of ‘do as I say not as I do’ and socialism is a doctrine of the redistribution of poverty and capitalism is the redistribution of wealth, so thank you Ed for saving us from your experiment!

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