Zoopla warns of risk to property prices if Labour wins

Richard Carr has previously spoken of the negative impacts that a Labour win would have upon UK citizens’ lives and now property expert Zoopla has warned that thousands of pounds could be wiped off the value of homes if Ed Miliband gains power.


Richard Carr Ed Miliband Stone

Ed Miliband’s pledge stone

Featured on the Express’ website earlier this month, Zoopla explained how Ed Miliband being in charge of the country could “spell trouble” for first-time buyers, whilst Labour’s “mansion tax” on larger, more expensive homes would have a knock-on effect across the whole market.

Ed Miliband’s Labour party are also opposed to the Conservative’s Help-to-Buy scheme and a new ISA which would provide bonuses for people saving for a housing deposit.

Zoopla said: “This could limit the support offered to aspiring first-time buyers, and eventually kill off the initiative.

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