Construction industry damaged by lack of skilled workers

Last month, Commercial and Residential Development Consultant Richard Carr spoke of the country’s lack of skilled construction workers and this a week a new report has backed up his fears.

27,000 projects in doubt

Richard Carr Construction Lack of workers

A lack of skilled workers is seriously affecting the construction industry

In January, Richard Carr blogged on the construction industry’s positive outlook, but warned that a shortage of skills could prevent sector growth.

In a report issued by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) on February 9, 2015 it found that many surveyors were suffering with recruitment problems because of a shortage of suitably qualified candidates.

75,000 members of RICS were questioned and arguably the direst insight to come from it was that the lack of skills could threaten 27,000 projects a year by 2019.

Lack of skills stunting growth

Worryingly, two of out five members were turning away new business because of the “dearth” of skilled workers. At a time when the government is making positive steps to try and get the country building again, this report would suggest that we have taken two steps back.

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