Lib Dems unleash housing pledge ahead of the election

The latest party to unveil its housing policies ahead of the general election in May are the Lib Dems, who earlier this month told the BBC about their ‘rent-to-own’ homes election pledge.

Help for the young generation

Richard Carr image of Nick CleggThe Conservatives have also outlined their plans which include a promise to build 200,000 starter homes for first-time buyers in England under the age of 40. These homes would be available at 20% below the market rate.

David Cameron’s party has also revealed its ‘Help-to-buy’ ISA policy which will see the government provide young savers with a £3,000 bonus.

On the opposite side of the bench, Labour’s housing policies include building 200,000 new homes by 2020, as well as new towns and garden cities. However, the party has come under fire for its proposed ‘Mansion Tax’ policy, which they would introduce to help reduce the NHS deficit.

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