Saudi Arabia to become the ‘Mecca’ of hotels

Richard Carr is always on the lookout for interesting hotel developments and the latest news making the headlines regards the world’s largest hotel, which is to be built in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

10,000 rooms and a helicopter bad

In his hometown of Poole, Richard Carr has been responsible for a number of hotel developments in the area. Examples of which are featured on his website.

Richard Carr Abraj Kudai image

The Abraj Kudai is set to become the world’s largest hotel

However, he has never gained planning for one which included a helicopter pad!

The 10,000 room hotel in Mecca, Saudi Arabia is part of a mixed-use development at Abraj Kudai costing in excess of £2b. The project is designed to look like a desert fortress, which encompasses a ring of towers standing on top of a podium.

44 storeys high

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