Is the UK construction industry suffering from a lack of land?

The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) has blamed a lack of available and viable land in the UK as to why small and medium sized builders are struggling to deliver new homes, according to


China 57-story skyscraper

Is land really an issue for construction firms?

It’s the second year in a row that a large proportion of SME house builders have cited a lack of land for not building more homes. The FMB’s research found that two thirds of SME house builders believe there isn’t enough viable land in the UK.

Furthermore, they cited problems with the planning system and difficulties accessing finance as other challenges.

Property Developer Richard Carr understands the problems and also agrees with their complaints regarding under resourced local planning authorities, as he believes the government should be doing more to help councils.

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Crowd funding offers innovative property development investments

A new initiative to pump more money into house building has been created through a crowdfunding platform, writes property developer Richard Carr.


Richard Carr Gregory Baker

Gregory Baker

Poole-based developer Richard Carr has been turning plans into reality for the past three decades and recently gained approval on one his biggest projects. A £100m redevelopment of Salterns Marina hotel and harbour in Poole was approved by the local council, which will revitalise the area.

Richard is pleased to see a new way to encourage investors into the market through Intro Crowd, which offers investors the chance to buy a stake in potential housing development sites.

Investors can buy shares in companies owning the land plots for as little as £1,500.

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Own land around train stations? The government wants to hear from you!

Land owners around train stations in the UK could be about to benefit from a massive development programme which the government hopes will deliver thousands of new homes, writes property developer Richard Carr.


Richard Carr says sell train station land

The redeveloped Manchester Victoria Station

The government are aiming to build around 10,000 homes around rail stations and already three local authorities have come forward with ambitious proposals to revitalise town centres.

York, Taunton and Swindon councils have already drawn up proposals in a bid to spearhead the new initiative and have picked railway sites which they believe could be pooled to deliver housing. In total, the government wants to hear from at least 20 local authorities to take the scheme forward.

Developments of this type have already proven successful following the transformations of Birmingham New Street, Manchester Victoria and London Kings Cross. The government is committed to bringing together high calibre technical expertise and local knowledge to increase development opportunities.

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