Recruitment website launched to aid construction industry

Finding skilled workers has proven a major stumbling block for construction firms over the last couple of years, which has been a factor in the industry’s lack of growth.


Richard Carr Construction Lack of workers

Website launched to aid construction worker employment

Property developer Richard Carr has called on the government to do more to help attract men and women into the industry, claiming a growing construction sector is hugely important for the economy.

A fund has been set up to help train new workers and now a recruitment website has been launched to help construction firms find tradesman through an app and web-based service. acts in two ways; firstly it will allow operatives to search jobs and apply and secondly it will allow companies to find tradesman with specific skillsets.

The website has been built by tradesmen for tradesmen acting as a middle man for workers and employers for building sites and large construction projects.

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Could women help fill the skills gap in the construction industry?

The skills gap in the construction has been widening over the past couple of years as the industry struggles with little help from the government to attract new workers.


Richard Carr pleased to see more women in the construction industry

Richard Carr is pleased to see an increase of women in the construction industry

An interesting article was published in the Daily Express last month which suggested that women could be the answer to filling the dire skills gap.

UK apprenticeships have enjoyed a huge growth spurt over the past five years, rising by 57%. However, this rise hasn’t helped the construction industry, in fact construction apprenticeships have fallen by almost a quarter with females making up just 1.7%.

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Property Developer creates careers pathway

Northern-based property developer Story Homes has taken encouraging steps to getting youngsters into the construction industry, writes development specialist Richard Carr.


Richard Carr bemoans lack of skilled workers

Company ready to give youngsters a chance in the industry

Over the last year, Poole-based Richard Carr has aired his frustrations regarding the lack of skilled construction workers and the impact that it’s having on the sector as a whole. Richard believes that the industry needs to do more to make careers within it more interesting to youngsters and he is pleased to see Storey Homes doing exactly that.

The developer has recently opened up applications for its apprenticeship scheme, which will recruit 12 apprentices in both joinery and bricklaying across the north east, north west and Cumbria.

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Initiative created to help bridge the construction industry’s skills gap

Richard Carr, a Commercial and Residential Development Specialist, believes that a new employment initiative will help bridge the skills gap, which is currently affecting the construction industry.

Open Doors

Richard Carr Open Doors

The Open Doors construction initative

The Open Doors initiative, which has been organised by the UK Contractors Group, the Scottish Contractors Group, the Industry Training Board, the Chartered Institute of Building and the Considerate Constructors Scheme, will aim to attract the country’s bright young minds into a career in the construction industry.

The industry is a rapidly expanding one, but as Richard Carr wrote last month, it lacks the skilled workers which will enable it to continue growing.

The initiative will hold ‘Open Days’ in Alnwick and Birtley next month, which will enable 16-24 year-olds to take a look at some of the country’s most exciting development sites and network with industry expects.

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