New home build target must increase by 50%

The UK government has been warned that it must increase its home building target by 50% to 300,000 new homes each year if it’s going to solve the countries housing target.


Richard Carr Build more New homes

The UK needs to build more homes

Poole-based property developer Richard Carr is worried that the strain on home builders to increase their output could negatively affect the quality of homes.

According to a report published by the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee, local authorities and housing associations should be freed by the government to build substantial numbers of homes for rent and sale.

The report has warned the government that if they fail to meet the 300,000 target then they will fail to meet the demands or moderate the rate of current house price increase.

Furthermore, the report criticises the government’s current policy which restricts local authorities’ access to funding to build more social housing by frequent changes to tax rules and subsidies for house purchase.

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