The UK still remains a highly attractive investment for the Chinese

Despite the upcoming EU referendum in June, Estate agent Savills doesn’t expect this to have any effect on commercial property investment with Chinese investment set to exceed last year’s levels.

Safe haven

Richard Carr image of Leeds

The UK’s commercial property sector continues to attract overseas investors

Last October the Chinese President made a state visit to the country and following it the UK’s commercial property market was described as a “safe haven” for Chinese investors.

And they have heeded the advice!

A staggering £560.3m of Chinese transactions have already been made in the London commercial real estate market since the beginning of the year to the end of February.

During the state visit, PM David Cameron visited Manchester with Chinese President Xi Jinping and said the north of England would create new partnerships with China to unlock the potential of the northern powerhouse.

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What can the UK learn from the Chinese planning system?

A recent report concluded that by implement parts of the Chinese planning system, the UK could boost economic growth writes Richard Carr.


Richard Carr says the UK should look at China

What can the UK learn from the Chinese planning system?

According to the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) who commissioned the Planning China’s Future study, the UK could learn from China by implement stronger strategic planning which would boost the country’s economy.

Currently, UK town planning is seen as a brake to economic growth rather than an accelerator.

The report, Planning China’s Future, was based on research conducted by three members of staff from University College London (UCL), who found that municipalities in the Asian powerhouse used strategic planning to attract developments they wanted.

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Cameron victory good news for Chinese investors

David Cameron’s re-election as Prime Minister looks set to open the floodgates for Chinese investors in the UK property market, reports Richard Carr.

Big spenders

Richard Carr Central London image

Are Chinese investors set to invade London

China’s flagging economy coupled with the UK’s attractive investment opportunities is enticing high net-worth Chinese investors into spending big in the UK property market.

Paul Welch, founder and chief executive of told “China and Chinese investors coming to the UK is the next big thing. The British government has been wooing big business and high net worth individuals in the country in a big way. If you also take into account China’s flagging economy and a potentially unstable political environment, London is seen as a safe haven for foreign money. It’s an escape and access to a European passport.”

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China pushing the boundaries of construction

When it comes to setting the bar in construction, China is certainly the world leader in pushing the boundaries, as Commercial and Residential Development Specialist Richard Carr reports.

Skyscraper built in 19 days

China 57-story skyscraper

The 57-story building built in just 19 days

Getting foundations laid for a development in 19 days is good going in the UK, however in China, a development company has erected a 57-story skyscraper in an amazing 19 days!

Using prefabricated Lego-like blocks, construction company Broad Sustainable Building achieved the feat and a time-lapse video can be seen on the website.

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The impact of falling oil prices on the property industry

Richard Carr, a Commercial and Residential Development specialist, looks at how the recent oil price fall will impact upon the property industry.

Winners and losers

With prices dropping as low as £33 a barrel, the collapse in oil prices has reshaped the world’s economy, but who is winning and losing?

For the general public, the electronic signs outside petrol stations over the past few months have been a big win. As a result, the oil crash is expected to boost spending power and as a by-product, house purchases.

Richard Carr Oil

What will happen to the property market if the oil slump continues?

Rate of inflation in the UK has reduced over the past few months, which could make real estate more attractive to investors thank to its good cash flow potential.

On the flip-side, there are fears that those investors who rely on an oil-based income could pull back from spending in the UK.

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NL Architects propose a “slightly insane project”

In Richard Carr’s experience, it isn’t often that you find the people behind a project describe it as “insane”, but that is the case with the latest offering from NL Architects.

Gem-inspired hotels

Richard Carr Gem Stone

The gemstone inspired hotel

An island off the south coast of China could become the first location for a chain of gem-inspired hotels.

Purple amethyst crystals formed inside rocks have provided the inspiration for the highly ambitious hotel design, proposed by Dutch studio NL Architects.

The “slightly insane project” will see guest rooms housed behind the faceted glass that makes up its fantasy crystals.

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