Richard Carr in the Archives: Tycoon gets £163,000 rise

During the early 1990s Richard Carr was a regular on the front page of the Evening Echo as a result of his business ventures. In late October in 1991, he was pictured on the front page under the headline ‘Tycoon gets £163,000 rise’.

“I’m worth every penny”

Richard Carr Tycoon gets riseWas Richard Carr’s response. Described as a flamboyant local business tycoon, the paper reported that his pay rise took his annual salary from £99,000 to £262,000.

Richard, who are the time was running his self-made business Allied Leisure, left school without a single O-level and went on to run a major public company employing over 1,000 people.

He defended his pay rise, telling the Echo: “I am very good value and worth every penny. I am not in the slightest bit embarrassed about the rise.

“Company executives in this country are grossly underpaid. I believe in paying people well and that goes for all my directors and staff.”

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From the archives: Charitable Richard Carr

Throughout Richard Carr’s 30 year career as an entrepreneur and businessman he has often provided his support to the local community.

Charitable Carr

Three archive pieces have been uploaded to the ‘press’ section of Richard’s website detailing three different occasions when he used his wealth to help his local community.

Richard has operated in the leisure, hospitality and property sectors throughout his working life and currently works as a commercial and residential development consultant for Jacob Carr Homes Ltd.

As a property developer he has experienced a lot of success in his local area; listed below are projects that Richard helped achieve planning for:

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