Petition launched to scrap EU implemented EPCs

A UK Parliamentary petition has been launched in light of the country’s decision to leave the European Union to scrap energy performance certificates for residential properties.


Richard Carr Energy Performance Certificates

Is it time to scrap EPCs?

Richard Carr, a Poole-based property developer, will watch with interest the success of the petition as it will impact upon the selling costs to sellers and landlords.

The certificates, which are known as EPCs, were introduced in 2007 as part of the Housing Act 2004, which made it a mandatory requirement that an energy assessment is made on all properties listed for sale in Britain.

This was implanted to comply with a European Directive, however many felt EPCs were a bureaucratic consequence of being a member of the European Union. As a result, the annual cost of having a property inspected and a certificate issued amounted to £100 million to sellers and landlords.

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Hole in one for housebuilding?

As the country’s housing crisis continues to grow so do the number of resolutions on how to fix it. The latest, is one of the stranger ones that property developer Richard Carr has come across, which is to build on green belt golf courses to meet the demand.

Meeting London’s demand

Uk Green Belt Land - Richard Carr

Is building on green belt land a viable option?

The claims have been made in a report published by free market think-tank the Adam Smith Institute who stated that allowing homes to be built on green belt golf courses could meet half of London’s demand for housing.

A Garden of Ones’ Own published by the Institute said that large amounts of green belt was land was dedicated to golf across London and the Home Counties.

Furthermore, it claimed that 1 million homes are needed within the metropolitan green belt. It believes that a density of 50 unites per hectare, meaning 20,000 hectares of land would be needed to meet the current void.

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