Changing the face of residential accommodation

City dwellers could be about to experience the next generation of residential development in the next year and it’s all thanks to Yo! Sushi!


Richard Carr Yo Homes

Innovation at its finest – the future of residential development

The Yo! Company which is widely recognised for its chain of sushi restaurants is venturing into residential development. There adaptable living apartments with moving surfaces and foldaway furniture is currently awaiting planning permission and if granted will potential change the face of city residential developments.

Simon Woodroffe, Yo! Company founder has teamed up with British firm Glenn Howells Architects to provide company, but high-quality accommodation for city dwellers.

Woodroffe’s residential revolution was first unveiled back in 2012 at the London Design Festival when he presented a space no bigger than a one-bedroom apartment that contained as many rooms as a two-bedroom house.

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