Social housing is being hit hardest says Richard Carr

The majority of Richard Carr’s blogs have focused on the country’s housing crisis and the reasons for it. This week he focuses on one of the hardest hit areas of the crisis, social housing.

Supply and affordability crippling the market

Richard Carr currently works as a commercial and residential development consultant. He has owned and operated businesses in a variety of sectors and now successfully achieves planning permission for Jacob Carr Homes Ltd.

Richard Carr Social Housing

Social Housing is being hit hardest

The UK’s housing crisis has caused politicians, developers, construction firms, home owners and those seeking to get on the housing ladder problems for well over two years. The main problems being the supply of homes and the affordability of those currently built. Until more homes are built the affordability issue will continue to worsen.

Social Housing hit hardest

This type of accommodation is utilised by millions of Britons who simply can’t afford to pay the market rate for their roof.

However, local councils can simply not afford to build homes, as recent statistics have proven. In the 30 years up until 1978, local councils built more than 90,000 homes year, updating old stock and creating new.

In 1999 the number was just 50. Social housing associations during that time created an average of just under 19,000 homes a year.

Figures released from 2013/14 highlighted that just 840 new homes were completed by local councils. Calls have been made for councils to be given more scope to finance affordable housing. Housing associations have tried to bridge the gap, but at the moment are struggling.

Richard Carr’s work aids social housing

Richard Carr is worried about the issue and believes it will quickly reach breaking point if something isn’t done. Through his own work as a commercial and residential development consultant for Jacob Carr Homes Ltd, he has recently made a contribution of £300,000 to social housing.

The local property developers recently received planning approval for a £27 million residential development in Poole, Dorset, which has enabled them to make a £300,000 donation to social housing and £1m contribution to community infrastructure levy.


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