Richard Carr welcomes the rise in newly built homes

Commercial and Residential Development Consultant Richard Carr has welcomed figures released by the Government showing that some 700,000 news homes have been built in England during the lifetime of the current Conservative administration.

Empty homes at a 10-year low

The figures released by the Government also show that in the 12 months to September there were 138,640 housing starts, which is an increase of 16 per cent compared to the same period last year.

Impressively, the figure is also 84% higher than when the housing crash hit in June 2009.

Richard Carr new homesThe statistics released by the Government come at a time when the housing market is in the middle of a supposed crisis. However, these figures would suggest otherwise.

Developers able to do their job

Speaking following the release of the figures, Housing and Planning Minister Brandon Lewis said the improved position was: “thanks to the efforts we’ve made since 2010, reforming the planning system, paving the way for developers to do their job and giving aspiring homeowners the help they deserve as part of our wider and long-term economic plan.”

The increase in new homes being built shows no signs of stopping either with the September 2014 quarter up 5% on the previous quarter at an estimated 31,130.

Brownfield sites identified

The Government also released research produced by the University of the West of England that concluded a minimum of 976,000 new homes could be built on identified brownfield sites.

The assessment was undertaken on behalf of the Campaign to Protect Rural England.

The research further strengthens Richard Carr’s belief that developers should focus on brownfield sites, rather than building on ‘green belt’ land.

Let’s keep the wheels on the wagon

Richard Carr is pleased to see the improvement under the current Government and believes a Conservative victory is what is needed next year to keep the wheels on the wagon.

Furthermore, the effects of Ed Miliband’s and Ed Ball’s comments regarding such matters as ‘Mansion Tax’ has applied the brakes on all property at the £2m-3m mark.

Richard believes that the pair must sometimes forget that people build these houses, yes people!


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