Richard Carr pleased to see permanent office to residential rights confirmed

Property Developer Richard Carr is pleased to see the government make one of its better housing initiatives permanent as of April 6th, 2016.

Permitted developments

Richard Carr comments on Permitted Development Rights

Richard Carr believes the Permitted Development Rights Order is a clever idea from the government

The amendment to the General Permitted Development Order was introduced almost two years ago on a temporary basis, however following the Prime Minister’s heralding of the change it will be made permanent on April 6th.

Richard Carr believes its introduction was a clever move by the government and believes it will help increase building in the country.

Upon being made a permanent amendment new conditions were added to it. Local planning authorities can consider “impacts of noise from commercial premises on the intended occupiers of the development”.

Also, the changes agreed through planning will have to be completed within three years of prior approval.


Launderettes have also been given a permitted development right to change to housing, subject to councils assessing the impact of changes on the “adequate provision” of such services.

The new regulation also removes the exemption of certain areas with the permitted development right, which will come into force in three years’ time. This will allow exempted areas, which include parts of central London and Manchester city centre, to bring into force article 4 directions removing the rights if they wish.

Further changes

Additionally, a three-year temporary development right for the change of use from light industrial to housing has also been created by the government. Prior approval will be required in order for councils to asses transport impacts, contamination and flood risks, as well as the impact on the sustainability of providing industrial, storage or distribution services.

This addition will come into force on 1 October 2017, to give time for councils to issue an article 4 direction removing the right where appropriate.

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