Richard Carr pleased to see government crackdown on brownfield sites

Richard Carr has previously voiced his opinion via his website with regard to calls for ‘green belt’ land to be used for development ahead of ‘brownfield’ sites – and he is now pleased to see the government proposing penalties for councils ‘under-performing’ on brownfield LDOs.

Redevelop unused brownfield sites

Richard Carr Brownfield Leeds

An example of a brownfield site, in Leeds

A recent government proposal could see English councils in hot water if they are unable to demonstrate they are deploying local development orders (LDOs) to bring forward housing development on a sufficient number of brownfield sites.

If they are seen to be failing, the councils will be designated as ‘under-performing’ planning authorities.

Brownfield sites will help residential development

The government has published a consultation document which provides advice on how to identify suitable brownfield sites, shares data about the availability of land and information on how measure progress towards the government’s target of getting LDOs in place on over 90% of brownfield land suitable for housing by 2020.

Councils failing to put LDOs in place on 50% of suitable brownfield sites by 2017 and 90% of suitable sites by 2020 would face being designated as ‘under-performing’.

Councils stung if deemed ‘under-performing’

The government has proposed that planning authorities failing to meet the LDO target “would be unable to claim the existence of an up-to-date five-year housing supply when considering applications for brownfield development”

This would mean that “the presumption in favour of sustainable development (under the National Planning Policy Framework) would apply,” the Department for Communities and Local Government said.

Time to get our great country building again

Richard Carr, a Commercial and Residential Development Consultant, believes the government’s new proposal is an excellent move, one which will help regenerate communities.

He believes that the focus should purely be on redeveloping brownfield sites and not trying to find new ones within the green belt. The advantages of using old, unused brownfield sites for residential development are long. It would help improve and revive run-down areas of towns and cities, create jobs in a number of sectors as well as easing the country’s housing situation. And the need would then be to go up in height, before decimating the green belt.

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