Richard Carr: “New homes are a boost, but where are the labourers?”

Richard Carr welcomed the recent news announced by Housing and Planning Minister Brandon Lewis that would see councils across the UK receive £3.4bn by the New Homes Bonus Scheme.

800,000 more homes in the pipeline

The latest provisional allocations of funding will enable more than 800,000 more dwellings to be built in regions across the country.

Richard Carr Construction Workers

Construction firms need workers

The funding follows new figures, which showed that planning permissions had risen in the year to September. The government believes that the locally-led planning system and incentives such as the New Homes Bonus are key to this increase.

In the eleven months to October during 2014, local councils have helped provide over 150,000 new homes and conversions, whilst they have also brought over 10,000 empty homes back into use. Those figures also include 42,000 affordable homes.

The UK needs to start building again

That is the message from the government, who believe that the New Homes Bonus can help the country achieve this.

Almost 50% of planning officers agreed that the bonus was a powerful incentive for supporting housing growth, whilst in the last year, 75% of local authorities were net gainers from the policy.

In his press release, Housing Minister Brandon Lewis, said:

“We’ve got the country building again and given local communities control over where new homes go in their area. This is in stark contrast to the housing crash and failed top-down regional strategies of the last government.

“Councils have received more than £3 billion for their part in getting Britain building, and as a result housing construction has reached its highest level for 7 years.”

Where will the workers come from?

Richard Carr, a commercial and development consultant in the south of England, is pleased with the news, but does believe that it will create further problems for the labour market.

In Richard’s recent blog, he talked about the construction market seeing its growth restrained due to a lack of skilled labour.

He says that the country needs more skilled workers and the only place they are going to come from is Europe. He completely disagrees with a total block on immigration, and this country like it or loath it, needs skilled workers and labour for the building Industry.

Construction costs are rising very quickly as a result of the shortage and that affects everybody who is trying to get on the property ladder.

The youth of today do not seem to want to be on a building site and this is why universities should quota courses to stop the oversupply of under needed skills; is it any wonder that we end up with so many demoralised graduates who cannot find a job!

About Richard Carr

With over three decades of experience in many Business sectors, Richard Carr has developed a broad range of skills and qualities.

Richard’s work now focuses on the commercial and residential development sector; he uses his expertise and experience to maximise the potential for clients, providing added value.

Richard now works for Jacob Carr Homes Ltd, a vehicle owned by his eldest son’s trust, he acts and assembles development sites in the Poole area as well as acting for high net worth individuals.


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