Richard Carr in the Archives

As well as providing well-articulated, thought provoking blogs on industry news, Richard Carr will also use his website reflect on newspaper interviews relating to his previous business ventures.

Richard’s interviews are available to read in full via the ‘Press’ section of his website. Below is a flavour of what is currently available to read on PDF.

Richard Carr Echo Magazine interview, 2000

Speaking to the Echo Magazine’s Nick Churchill, Carr spoke about his rise to success through his Fast Food Service business, which he sold for £13m in 1990. “I come from a background of family that has always been in business on their own and my mother was a very hard-working women and that’s what has rubbed off on me. I enjoy the thrill of getting up in the morning and having the hurdles put in front of me.”

Carr continued to talk about his venture into the nightlife economy and also his success as a property developer.

Richard Carr Club Business interview, 2000

Speaking to Club Business’ Kate Oppenheim, this interview focuses on Carr’s move into the nightlife economy.  At this point in Richard’s business career he was running the highly successful Opera House, which was home to the now world famous ‘Slinky’ brand. “I am a terrorist promoter. We are very aggressive in the way we promote, we always have been.”

Described as the ‘king of Bournemouth’ in the interview, Carr talks about the Club’s rise to fame in the area and what has made it successful.

Richard Carr Leisureweek interview, 1990

Richard’s interview with Leisureweek was during the early stages of his business career, when his first venture had just earned him £13m through the sale of his Wimpy Fast Food Restaurants. Carr talks his latest business venture of creating a large scale leisure complex which includes a ten-pin bowling hall, cinema, bars, restaurants and a night-club. “The way forward is to open ten-pin bowls which have other types of leisure attached to them, and possibly other types of retail.”

Richard continues to speak about his nightclubs and why he is doing things slightly differently to other operators in the area.





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