Richard Carr in the archives: Allied Leisure on the rise

Allied Leisure was one of Richard Carr’s first business ventures and one that saw him combine fast food counter restaurants, bowling alleys and a leisure complex.

Looking back at the company’s rise under Carr, we look at an archive article regarding Allied Leisure’s profits rise.

Entertainment company announces 20% profit increase

Richard Carr Allied Leisure on the rise

Richard Carr in the Archives

Despite announcing 20% profit increases, Richard Carr explained that the rise was below expected at the time and that plans to expend the business into Germany have been shelved for the moment.

Allied Leisure, which ran a ten-pin bowling alley, nightclubs and theme pubs, including the Tower Park complex in Poole, revealed pre-tax profits of £3.1 million compared to £2.6 million the previous year, a 19% rise.

Allied Leisure adapting with the times

Carr, who was Chairman of the company, said: “It’s the corporate philosophy of professionalism that has made the company able to adapt to the fast changing environment of the economy and the leisure industry.

“The future for Allied Leisure is, without doubt, extremely popular.”

Tower Park a thriving leisure complex

Richard Carr’s project Tower Park was seen as one of the most popular leisure complexes in Dorset, it included one of 12 Megabowl bowling centres and a Venue nightclub.

At the time of the article, Carr was planning a careful expansion programme as the leisure industry continued to be hit by the recession. Carr told shareholders that earnings per share had gone down slightly in the year from 13.41p to 12.20p.

Richard said: “I see little sign at the present time of an end to the recession and until we see an uplift our sector will be adversely affected.

“However, we are confident that the coming year will be one of further growth from which we all benefit.”

About Richard Carr

With over three decades of experience in the Leisure and Hospitality sectors, Richard Carr has developed a broad range of skills and qualities.

Furthermore, he is widely regarded in the UK leisure industry as being one of the most innovative operator, having won many accolades. Has a very fertile imagination and a passion for architecture and design.

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