Richard Carr: Can politicians solve the housing crisis?

It is a question that every party is claiming they have the answer to, but do they? In his latest blog, Richard Carr looks at how housing is at the heart of the political unrest.


Richard Carr Politicians Housing Crisis

How do we solve the housing crisis?

Richard Carr is a commercial and residential development consultant for Jacob Carr Homes Ltd. He has experienced the affects that different political parties can have on the economy and on his industry.

He believes that modern day politicians are out of touch with the general public and as a result they have lost their trust. Emily Thornberry’s recent tweet of a council house draped in St George’s flags symbolised the rift that divides working people from the politicians.

Housing matters

Miss Thornberry’s now infamous tweet led to her instant dismal, and the severity of her punishment highlights how much housing matters.

Concerns over housing are high on the list for many people. Latest reports and studies show that the average home costs eight times the average wage, whilst social housing continues to decline at an increasing rate.

Rightly or wrongly – probably rightly – the politicians are being blamed for the crisis.

In the run up to next year’s general election, presenting their solutions have been high on the list of priorities for each party. However, until those pledges come to pass, voters will continue to be sceptical.

Social divide

Richard Carr believes there is a serious problem within politics at the moment. He says that Labour have finally been uncovered; with the majority of its shadow cabinet living in homes worth in excess of £1.5m, yet they still have the arrogance to talk about Conservative millionaires.

He added, Tony Benn’s ‘will’ indicated that he left behind £5m in cash and that he also placed his home in a trust to avoid inheritance tax. Hypocrisy at the highest level.

So how can politicians who are supposedly not overpaid, become so wealthy all of a sudden? How did Tony Blair amass the level of wealth he has (£50m fortune) when he only left office in 2005?



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