Property-owner who was refused planning permission angers neighbours with new paint job

A £15 million property in the highly desirable area of Kensington, London is receiving unwanted attention, according to neighbours.

Red and white stripes

Richard Carr Kensington House

How not react when your planning application is refused!

Zipporah Lisle-Mainwaring, owner of the ‘eye-sore’ property, decided to paint the exterior of her townhouse in red and white stripes following a lengthy legal battle with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea council and local residents.

It is quickly becoming a tourist hot spot with passers-by taking photos in front of the red and white striped building.

Lisle-Mainwaring has been trying since 2013 to achieve planning to knock down the current property and build a five-storey mansion, which would include two floors in the basement.

However, neighbours and a planning committee has rejected the proposal and as a result, Ms Lisle-Mainwaring decided to go creative and make her home look like a Brighton beach hut. Completed during the night, painters got to work on the house at 11pm and were done in time to shock neighbours heading out to work the following morning.

The planning application case has been appealed and a final decision will be made in June in the High Court.

Curbing subterranean development

The planning disputes come following Kensington and Chelsea Council’s announcement that it had introduced new proposals to curb the scale of subterranean development. In doing so, they became the first UK council to curb introduce restrictions on controversial ‘super basement’s.

Under the new rulings, basements will be restricted as to how far they can stretch under a garden and in most cases they will be limited to just one storey.

However, painting the exterior of this type of building isn’t restricted. The council didn’t need to grant permission as it’s automatically granted by national legislation.

Under the Town and Country planning Order 1995, UK homeowners have the right to paint their property as they wish without obtaining planning. This law doesn’t apply if the building is listed or if the paint job is for advertising purposes.

Richard Carr, a Commercial and Residential Development Specialist at Fortitudo Property, is an expert at achieving planning permission on a variety of property.

However, even he can see the light side to this story saying “it’s great to see the true British sense of humour at work, just very amusing!”

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