NL Architects propose a “slightly insane project”

In Richard Carr’s experience, it isn’t often that you find the people behind a project describe it as “insane”, but that is the case with the latest offering from NL Architects.

Gem-inspired hotels

Richard Carr Gem Stone

The gemstone inspired hotel

An island off the south coast of China could become the first location for a chain of gem-inspired hotels.

Purple amethyst crystals formed inside rocks have provided the inspiration for the highly ambitious hotel design, proposed by Dutch studio NL Architects.

The “slightly insane project” will see guest rooms housed behind the faceted glass that makes up its fantasy crystals.

What does the stone represent?

Over the course of history, the violet-coloured quartz stone has been the subject of many myths. In Greek history, it was believed that the stone prevented drunkenness, whilst medieval soldiers used it for protection during battle.

Others, however, believed that it could strengthen the immune system or prevent nightmares.

Adding to the insanity, architects Kamiel Klaasse and Pieter Bannenburg believe that the design modelled on the ‘seductive gemstone”, will benefit from its associations with these alleged healing powers.

“The Amethyst Hotel has the potential to become a performative symbol – a symbol with actual powers associated with it,” they said.

A global vision

The proposal takes inspiration from the work of developer and architect John Portman, who is recognised for creating some of the most awe-inspiring hotels across the world. He has developed grand atriums across Asia and the United States, for brands including Hyatt and Marriott.

The concept images (above) illustrate the first hotel, which is proposed for the man-made island known as Ocean Flower, which is under development in the north sea of Hainan, southern China.

The vision is to build more around the world, each with slightly different shapes.

Richard Carr, a commercial and residential development consultant, thinks that projects such as this one show the innovation within the industry. He loves to see pioneers doing something different believes that this sort of passion is diminishing in the UK.

To view examples of Richard’s work, visit the ‘Development’s section of his website.

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