New development measures are stimulating the housing market

In Richard Carr’s latest blog, he reviews the latest official statistics that indicate property developers are taking advantage of new measures that enables redundant office buildings to be turned into new homes under ‘permitted development’.

Communities transformed following new permitted development measures

Richard Carr works as a commercial and residential property consultant for Jacob Carr Homes Ltd. He is a specialist in achieving planning permission for developers and high net worth clients and has a successful track record in maximising profits for his clients and employer.

In his opinion, the new regulations will transform communities across the UK and turn run-down areas of towns and cities into desirable living accommodation. He believes it will stimulate new office building as there is very little redundant office space left.

Developers and home owners taking advantage

Statistics from the UK Statistics Authority show encouraging signs with regard to the amount of applications being placed to transform office space into homes. In the last quarter 1,900 applications were received by English councils with 900 approved in the same period.

Richard Carr planning permission image

Permitted Development is aiding the housing market

Also, the figures highlight a rise in planning permissions for home extensions. In the three months to June, councils across the UK received 7,700 applications with 6,500 receiving the go-ahead without going through the whole planning process.

A reduction in red tape and bureaucracy is helping the property sector

Housing and planning minister Brandon Lewis said: “These figures show how thousands of homeowners are now able to make improvements to their properties without having to negotiate excessive red tape and bureaucracy. On top of this, offices that once stood empty have been transformed to help deliver much-needed new homes for communities while maintaining green belt protections.

“All this is part of our wider planning reforms, which have helped put power back in the hands of councils and communities to have a real say over how their area is developed – meaning planning approvals are now at a 10-year high.”

Approvals reach 10-year high

The move to increase permitted development rights has helped deliver new homes while at the same time protecting the green belt – and has freed up planning officers to process more planning applications for larger schemes.

The figures also show planning approvals at a 10-year high, with authorities granting 350,200 permissions in the year to June – 2% higher than in the previous year.

A clever way of stimulating the market, says Richard Carr

Richard Carr believes that the new measures have proven a very clever way of stimulating the market. He believes that it will create a latent effect in the office property market as new stock will be needed in a lot of towns.

In his opinion, the UK needs more central government dictates like this to further stimulate the economy. Such as, minimum heights of re development in secondary shopping street schemes for a specific time period to motivate land owners to redevelop this generally Victorian stock. This would also remove the LPA’s power and fixation on standardisation of roof heights.


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