Is the north the new home for property investment?

New research has suggested that northern cities such as Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool are becoming a hotbed for property investment, writes developer Richard Carr.


Richard Carr's

Liverpool is leading a northern increase in property investment

Out of the three, Liverpool’s prime stock is experiencing a particularly strong rush, like nothing the city has seen before. Its growing residential market is attracting increasing levels of interest from high net worth investors from the south who are looking for long term deals.

Also, the city – like the rest of the UK – has benefitted from the incoming stamp duty rates which have now become active.

Analysts believe that the residential market in Liverpool has a healthy long term future with prices rising 4% annually, whilst letting prices has an annual growth of 3.46%.

“Whilst some commentators believe that this level of growth is not particularly strong,” the report says, “we would suggest otherwise. Together with the steady and continual growth in capital values buy to let landlords/investors are continuing to experience a near perfect environment without the excessive volatility that has been seen in the past or may be happening in other cities.”


The City Residential Report also found that many of the proposed developments are being built with overseas investors in mind.

“With many of the existing and proposed developments targeted towards overseas investors or PRS funds there is a real gap in the market… for ‘proper residential stock’. Smart investors are waking up to this fact and trying to secure apartments in those few schemes that are being sold in a more normal manner which offer long term capital and rental growth.”

Having conducted some research into the market, Richard Carr believes that opportunities lie for developers in the student accommodation sector. The city has a serious shortage of student beds and is also home to multiple universities. This problem will only continue to increase as student numbers continue to rise meaning new developments and new investment opportunities should be considered a wise move.

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