Historical Developments

Richard Carr is an experienced commercial and residential development consultant, boasting a large portfolio of projects.

This page provides examples of Richard’s historical work in the industry; he is the current Chief Executive of Fortitudo Property Ltd.

Arley Road, Clandford Cliffs

Richard Carr Arley Road,Sherwood Avenue






101 Lilliput Road

Richard Carr Lilliput Road






Angelus & Belus, St Clair Road – Poole

Richard Carr Angelus & Belus






Shore Road, Poole

Richard Carr Shore Road






Former Wintergardens Hotel, Bournemouth

Richard Carr Former Wintergardens Hotel






Registry Office, Bournemouth

Richard Carr Registry Office






Dolphin Quay, Quayside – Poole

Richard Carr Dolphin Quay






Walkabout, Bournemouth

Richard Carr Walkabout Bournemouth






Cadogan Hotel, Bournemouth

Richard Carr Cadogan Hotel






Sea Witch Hotel, Haven Road – Clanford Cliffs

Richard Carr Sea Witch Hotel






Port St.James, Poole Quay

Richard Carr Port St.James






Poole Pottery, Poole Quay

Richard Carr Poole Pottery






Ardmore Road, Poole 

Richard Carr Ardmore Road






Hennings Wharf, Poole

Richard Carr Hennings Wharf