Government set to double size of cities to meet housing demand

The UK government announced radical new rules to help free new land for homes in a bid to ease the county’s housing crisis, writes property consultant Richard Carr.

Brownfield planning relaxed

Richard Carr Brownfield Leeds

The government plans to relax planning permission on brownfield sites

Planning rules on brownfield sites across the UK have been relaxed by the government to encourage developers to build more homes for first time buyers.

Chancellor George Osborne also confirmed that the housing budget will be used for low cost homes aimed at the younger generation and housing association tenants who will be given to the right to buy.

The government will also bring forward sales of land, buildings and other assets which they own to raise around £5 billion, which will be used to fund new infrastructure projects.

A report on the country’s long term infrastructure needs will also be commissioned, with the project to be headed by Lord Andrew Adonis.

City extensions

The government warned that up to 40 towns and cities in the south of England may have to be doubled in size to deal with the housing crisis. This comes after Lord Andonis spoke about the bold initiatives required to deal with the huge number of homes required.

Of those aforementioned towns, Adonis earmarked places such as Norwich, Reading and Oxford and is in favour of building a new generation of garden cities or garden extensions to existing towns.

Property consultant Richard Carr is pleased to hear Adonis’ plans regarding bold initiatives and also supports his idea of making local authorities use more if its public land for housing.

Melanie Leech, Chief Executive of the British Property Federation, also welcome the announcements.

“In order to create places where people will live as well as work, we would hope to see discussion as to whether large scale housing schemes could be considered within significant infrastructure projects. This would enable the development industry to deliver a large number of homes, quickly.”

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