Government half way to meeting homes target

David Cameron’s promise to build 275,000 homes per year by 2020 is half way there based on current figures, according to development specialist Richard Carr.

Six year high for completed homes

Richard Carr New Build Homes

Richard Carr believes that the government will meet its target

Figures published earlier this month show that the UK construction industry is on the rise with over 131,000 new homes being completed during the last 12 months.

This figures is a massive 15% higher than last year and the highest 12 month total since June 2009.

According to the Office of National Statistics the output in the construction industry has increased by 2.7% in June compared to the same month in 2014. Additionally, work on private new housing between April and June in 2015 rose by nearly 3.9% on the pre previous quarter.

Government eye 20 year record

Housing Minister Brandon Lewis welcomed the increase in builds and boldly claimed that the rate of new building in the UK would continue rising in line with the government’s target of 275,000 homes per year.

If the government can deliver on their promise, which it does appear they are on track to, it would represent the fastest rate of building for 20 years.

“This has provided a real boost to the UK’s construction industry and is delivering the homes that hard-working people rightly deserve. However, we know there is more to do,” said Lewis.

Homebuilders will be given a helping hand by the government to meet the target with £10 million being made available to bring forward brownfield sites to build new homes, which will be available to young first time buyers at a 20% discount.

Lewis has also given more power to local people to drive forward housing development, which has resulted in the number of homes in locally led plans up by a quarter.

Three years ago, the number of homes planned by local authorities was 573 per year, however since the reforms put local plans and housing deliver at the core of the planning system, this figure has increased to 717 homes per year.

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