Dorset beach huts set to fetch over £1.5m

It’s not often that a property without water, toilets or mains electricity proves to be highly desirable, but that is the case with eight beach huts on the Dorset coast, reports Development Specialist Richard Carr.

Unique selling points

Richard Carr image of Dorset beach huts

Would you pay £200,000 for a beach hut?

The beach huts in Mudeford, which are being positioned as chalets, lack the everyday living essentials that one would need, but it’s their position on a remote sandbank which is said to be its unique selling point.

The eight chalets are set to be sold for a combined £1.6 million, which makes them the most expensive in the UK.

The 15ft by 15ft wooden cabins are located on a remote sandbank in Dorset.

Remote – not quite!

Residents aren’t completely cut off from society. Solar panels based on the roof of each chalet provide enough electricity to power lights, a small fridge and a mobile phone. Providing that there is enough sun!

One has already been sold subject to contract completion for £240,000, whilst the others range from £185,000 to £230,000.

Toby Edgell, manager of the nearby Beach House restaurant, told the “I think it is the isolation factor that makes these huts so desirable. You aren’t allowed cars here and there is no internet access.”

New owners will have to pay yearly ground rent to the council between £2,500 and £4,000 as well as a £15,000 transfer fee when they want to sell it.

Richard Carr is a big believer in the ‘free market’, but he asks: has reality left the room?!

He hasn’t see the product, but even so he believes this has to be a sign of a successful economy; people are free in this country to do what they wish with their money so good luck and enjoy!


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