How developers are funding local infrastructure projects

Fortitudo Property has generated in excess of £5 MIllion as part of the Community Infrastructure Levy in Poole (CIL). And part of this goes towards the CIL Neighbourhood Portion fund that is earmarked specifically for local infrastructure projects to improve facilities including local open spaces and plan, transport, health, education and more.

Developers have been providing large amounts of funding for the CIL since its inception in 2010, and at Fortitudo, we’re proud to be a major part of improving community facilities in Poole and the surrounding area.

CIL Neighbourhood Portion

For Poole, the Neighbourhood Portion of the CIL fund equals approximately £1 million, representing a fantastic opportunity for communities to have a say in reshaping the area in which they live, work and study.

The local authority in Poole are inviting people to bid for funding from the Neighbourhood portion. There are two Neighbourhood Forums: Poole Quays Forum and Broadstone. For communities within these areas, the Neighbourhood Forum is ring fenced for use in those areas. It can be up to 25% of the entire amount of CIL funds collected and must be at least 15% according to national policy.

Interested parties in Poole can apply for funding online by using the CIL Neighbourhood Portion funding bid form. The cut off for the next bidding deadline is 30 April 2018.

About the CIL

Richard Carr RoadworksThe Community Infrastructure Levy came into force on 6 April 2010, and essentially means that developers are liable for a charge under the CIL if their local planning authority has chosen to set one. It’s a tool for local authorities in England and Wales to improve the infrastructure in their area.

A tariff-based approach was developed by the government as the best framework to unlock land for growth and to pay for new infrastructure. The levy is charged at a £ per square metre rate on net additional floorspace. Poole Council adopted the ley in 2012 and it has been running since 2 January 2013.

What kind of developments are subject to the CIL?

The Charging Schedule for Poole Council applies CIL on development proposals for new dwellings only. The rates vary depending on where the development is located. The borough is split into three zones, with Charging Zone A set at £150 per square metre, down to C which is £75 per square metre. The levy is charged at the beginning of the development and can amount to tens of thousands of pounds.

What sort of projects are funded by the Neighbourhood Portion?

In Poole, the local authority has pledged to use funds raised by the CIL on the following:

  • Twin Sails Core Scheme, which will see the bridge rebuilt.
  • Upton Farm SANG, which will provide around 30 hectares of new green space for public use.
  • Hamworthy Bridge, which is being modernised.
  • Strategic Flood Defences
  • Strategic Network Upgrade of the A31 as identified by the Highways Agency
  • Public open space improvement projects.
  • Community sports and leisure facilities projects.
  • Our streets and spaces public realm projects.

Developers revitalising local community  

The CIL is a scheme that allows developers to contribute positively to the area in which their projects are being built. At Fortitudo Property, we welcome the chance to be part of the regeneration of the wider area and contribute large amounts of funding to improve the lives of local residents.

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