Changing the face of residential accommodation

City dwellers could be about to experience the next generation of residential development in the next year and it’s all thanks to Yo! Sushi!


Richard Carr Yo Homes

Innovation at its finest – the future of residential development

The Yo! Company which is widely recognised for its chain of sushi restaurants is venturing into residential development. There adaptable living apartments with moving surfaces and foldaway furniture is currently awaiting planning permission and if granted will potential change the face of city residential developments.

Simon Woodroffe, Yo! Company founder has teamed up with British firm Glenn Howells Architects to provide company, but high-quality accommodation for city dwellers.

Woodroffe’s residential revolution was first unveiled back in 2012 at the London Design Festival when he presented a space no bigger than a one-bedroom apartment that contained as many rooms as a two-bedroom house.


Yo!’s first project will be developed in Manchester and Woodroffe’s plans have been updated to create one-bedroom homes that maximise the size of an average studio flat.

The plans include:

  • Mechanised bed that can be lowered over a sunken seating area in the lounge
  • A breakfast bar that slides out from the kitchen wall
  • A dining table that folds up from the floor

“Homes help shape our lives. They are our refuge, and our rock. Since the invention of the city centre apartment, we’ve never really re-invented it. Yo! Home is that new invention,” said Simon Woodroffe.

“Moving parts draw on the wealth of engineering technology taken from fields as diverse as yacht and automotive design, and the mechanics of stage production, allowing the transformation of a 40-square-metre space into what feels like a much bigger home.”

Global appeal

City living is on the rise in the UK and across the globe and Yo! Homes hopes to capitalise on it with plans to roll out their concept globally to major cities in America, Japan, China and Argentina.

“We can see how this concept for living will be attractive in Manchester and that it can be widely applied to other cities around the world,” said Glenn Howells.

Property Developer Richard Carr believes this type of development, especially in city centres, will become the norm in the next decade. With the amount of people searching for new accommodation, developers have to start thinking creatively he believes this concept is a fantastic example of what is to come.

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