Can blockchain fix the UK’s property market?

Blockchain technology underpins the much talked about Bitcoin – the leading cryptocurrency. If you’re not sure what blockchain is, then think of it as a permanent ledger used to record transactions. In addition to being user generated, it’s also tamper proof and therefore represents an unassailable record of proof. And its potential for use in the property sector are wide ranging. Continue reading

Has ‘Right to Buy’ Been a Success?

The government recently decided to hail the reinvigorated ‘Right to Buy’ scheme as a total success, Richard Carr has learned, suggesting that it’s helping to solve the ever-worsening UK housing crisis.

Right to Buy

No one would want to be a first time buyer right now. The Office For National Statistics’ July 2015 House Price Index showed that the average UK house price grew by 5.2% to £282,000 in the year to July 2015. Coupled with the UK’s current notorious lack of housing stock, it’s too expensive for first time buyers to purchase a residential property in the current market.

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Bournemouth is the UK’s fastest-growing digital economy – who would have thought it?

Richard Carr, a Commercial and Residential Development consultant based in the south east of England, is delighted at the recent news that Bournemouth is the UK’s fastest-growing region in the digital economy, as reported by the

Digital economies booming outside of London

Richard Carr Bournemouth Coast

Bournemouth Pier

The average perception of Bournemouth is one of sand, sea, and the Pier! How many people would have put the coastal resort town down as being the home of the country’s fastest-growing digital economy?

The majority of outsiders wouldn’t have, but those that reside and operate in the area are well aware of the burgeoning digital hub that is being created in the town.

74% of the UK’s digital firms are now based outside of London with Bournemouth, Liverpool and Brighton emerging as the industry’s runaway leaders.

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