Asia setting the standard in building architecture

On Richard Carr’s Commercial and Residential Blog today, the Development Consultant talks about the new landmark hitting the headlines in South Korea.

Bigger is better

Richard Carr has worked in property development for over 30 years, as a business owner and now as a development consultant for Jacob Carr Homes Ltd.

Richard Carr Infinity Tower

The Infinity Tower

He is helping his clients and those of his employer to stimulate property development, and is always looking out for the latest trends in the market. And when it comes to countries bucking the trend when it comes to the construction of new developments, the likes of Dubai and China are certainly the headline makers.

Their moto is clear: ‘bigger is better’. Last year, the biggest building in the world opened in China. The New Century Global Centre is big enough to house the Sydney Opera House 20 times over.

Dubai’s JW Marriott Marquis is the world’s tallest building, whilst in Asia the Pingtan Art Museum will be largest private museum in the world.


The latest piece of architectural genius is located in Seoul, South Korea, which is home to the Tower Infinity, an invisible skyscraper.

American firm GDS, the architects behind the project, have termed the building as an ‘anti-tower’, which is hard to believe considering it will reach 1,476ft (450 metres). The building’s prominence as a skyscraper isn’t how the architects want it to be remembered though, instead they want it to be known as a tower that celebrates the global community.


The technology used on the façade of the tower is revolutionary, which will help render it ‘invisible’. The building will house cameras that will capture real-time images of the surroundings, which will be displayed on hundreds of rows of LED screens over the tower.

Observers looking up at the tower would take in the view that the tower is blocking; giving it a camouflage effect.

Britain just about keeping up

Although Britain isn’t mentioned in the aforementioned list of places bucking the trend when it comes to new constructions, Richard Carr believes that the London landscape is slowly catching up.

Britain is responsible for a lot of the design work globally and with the likes of ‘The Shard’ and the ‘Gherkin’ now taking prominence in the London skyline, he believes that the UK isn’t far behind the likes of China and Dubai.

He believes that Britain should adopt a similar strategy when it comes to building because ‘bigger is better’. Going taller is the way forward and people enjoy flying, well most do!

Keep the green belt and the beautiful countryside that the UK has and enjoy it from taller buildings.





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