With over three decades of experience in the Leisure and Hospitality sectors, Richard Carr has developed a broad range of skills and qualities.

Furthermore, he is widely regarded in the UK leisure industry as being one of the most innovative operator, having won many accolades. Has a very fertile imagination and a passion for architecture and design.

Richard Carr profile

Richard Carr, Commercial and Residential Development Consultant

Richard’s work now focuses on the commercial and residential development sector; he uses his expertise and experience to maximise the potential for clients, providing added value.

He has owned and run a number of companies and has been Chairman and Chief Executive of a FTSE company in the leisure and nightlife economy, since the early 1980s. His first entity began in 1981 with Richard Carr Property. His first major success saw him buy a disused warehouse in Bournemouth, gain planning permission and sell for a significant profit to a developer for residential use. He repeated the formula many times, buying strategic pieces of property and using his imagination and planning skills to add value.

Examples of Richard Carr Property’s success are listed below:

  • The Mariner Building in Poole
  • The Walkabout Buildings in Bournemouth
  • The Cadogan Hotel in Bournemouth
  • Hennings Wharf in Poole
  • Port St James in Poole
  • Dolphin Quay’s in Poole

Whilst running his own property business, Carr expanded into the retail sector with Allied Restaurants PLC. Over a ten year period he built a business of Counter Service Fast Food Restaurants predominantly in London and the M3 corridor. Richard’s success was highlighted in 1987 when the business was floated on the London Stock Exchange (USM). It was later sold in 1990 for £13m to Grand Metropolitan.

Carr then renamed the company Allied Leisure and it took a full listing on the London Stock Exchange.

Richard became frustrated with the handcuffs of running a public company and left Allied Leisure in 1994. By this time, he had built the very successful Ten-Pin bowling brand ‘Megabowl’ and after his non-compete agreement ran out with Allied Leisure, he bought the famous Boscombe Academy in Bournemouth, Dorset.

He re-branded this venue The Opera House and entered the House Music arena with the ‘Slinky’ brand. The Opera House became one of the most successful venues in the country, whilst Slinky became world famous in House Music with events being staged worldwide in such places as Melbourne, Sydney and New York.

Richard sold the ‘Slinky’ brand and The Opera House in 2003 after deciding that the 2003 Licensing Act would destroy the late night culture in the United Kingdom. He formed Future 3000 PLC and opened a number of very large capacity bars, becoming again the largest operator in Bournemouth. In 2008, Future 3000, prior to going into administration, was forecast to make profits of approaching £3m for the year.

Also in 2003, Richard decided that the time had come to start a brand for his property interests, believing that property development was his natural future; he was also planning to divest himself of his bar interests at some stage in the future. The brand was known as Ravine Lifestyle and quickly became a recognised and an acquisitive vehicle.

He enjoyed some spectacular planning results and had a development pipeline in excess of £100m at the time of the banking crash in 2008.

Richard now works for Fortitudo Property, where he acts and assembles development sites in the Poole area as well as acting for high net worth individuals.