A home with a beach view tops most desired poll

Poole-based property developer Richard Carr was pleased to read the results form a recent poll which found the Brits most desire a beach view when searching for a new location.


Richard Carr

Poole has some of the best beach views in the UK

This should come as good news to developers on the south coast of England and in Richard’s area of Poole, who can offer properties with fantastic views overlooking Branksome and Sandbanks beaches.

71% of the people who took part in the poll by curtains and blinds firm Hillarys said that when it came to location, a beach view was highly desirable.

Other notable statistics from the research, include:

  • 65% of people would like to live an area with a coastal landscape
  • 54% said they would prefer a picturesque village life
  • Whereas 1 in 10 enjoyed the industrial city life scenery

Further research found that:

  • 46% of people would like to see farmland and animals from their home
  • 39% preferred to view rural countryside from their abode
  • Suburban community life was close behind with 36% of the vote
  • A busy city life warranted 24% of the vote
  • Meanwhile, a landscape garden view was voted by 23% of the respondents, 22% historic or heritage sites and 21% woodland

However, it seems that the dream view – whatever it may be – wasn’t been enjoyed by the majority of the respondents. Only 19% of people said they had their ideal views from their home with the average respondent stating that they would be willing to pay an extra 20% on the price of their home for the ideal view.

“We have some incredible landscapes here in the UK. There is so much breath taking scenery, it’s easy to take it for granted and forget how lucky we are. The lush green countryside and quaint villages might be traditional, but it seems we have our hearts set on sandy white beachfront houses,” said the firm’s spokesperson Helen Turnbull.

“Although we may not be able to uproot our lives and relocate in to the scenery that our hearts desire, perhaps a jaunt to a well situated holiday home to soak up the atmosphere could be worth considering or try creating a nautical environment at home to give us that seaside feeling,” she added.

Poole’s beach views

Richard Carr believes that Poole offers some of the best beach views in the UK. It has a number of picturesque marinas, bays and beaches which are enjoyed equally by locals and tourists.

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